Ascending Minds Psychology Service for Schools

We offer a range of school based support packages tailored to the specific needs of pupils and staff members in your setting.

Therapeutic Support

We recognise that there are various problems that impact on the lives of the pupils in your setting. Managing these difficulties can be challenging, particularly as this is the time where they experience the greatest cognitive and social developments in their lives. As these changes occur, many pupil experience challenges coping with demands placed upon them, which can lead to difficulties regulating their emotions.

Our therapeutic interventions (individual and group interventions) support pupils understand and manage their presenting difficulties so more of their time can be spent learning and developing necessary skills to promote school inclusion.

Psychological Assessments

We provide psychological assessments to support you understand the barriers that prevent a particular child from achieving a desired outcome. 

This process of assessment may draw upon one or a combination of methods and techniques to understand and make sense of a difficult a child may experience. This may include:

  • Discussions with key people in child’s life
  • Observations
  • Review of historical files
  • Functional behaviour data
  • Psychometric testing
  • Face to face clinical interviewing

Support for staff members

Teacher writing on board


Consultations utilises psychological theory to provide a problem-solving framework helping address problems that occur. This collaborative approach draws upon the expertise of staff, parents and other agencies to better understand the needs of the child.

This method of support provides a responsive and graduated approach to addressing emotional, behavioural and academic concerns informing the next steps and deciding whether specialist intervention is required.

A plan of support is created for the pupil with set time allocated to evaluate and modify if required.


If you are a Learning Support Assistant or Senior Leader, you will recognise that your role in school can be challenging. Coaching is a goal orientated approach to supporting individuals enhance their capacity to perform their tasks and duties effectively. We provide a professional and confidential space to help you explore some of the demands that you face within your role.

We will draw upon your current strengths whilst identifying areas of development for you to work towards. We will collaboratively create a plan of action that is supportive, yet challenges you enough to make positive steps forward. 

Previous staff members have found it useful in areas of further develop such as:

  • Solution focused strategies
  • Improve confidence managing challenging behaviour
  • Developing teacher-pupil relationships
  • Working with ‘stuck’ members of staff
  • Professional development

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Coping with changes in life circumstances can have a detrimental affect on our emotional well-being with these changes often placing a strain in various areas of life, including work. Employee Assistant Programs provide staff members a professional and confidential counselling service during their times of difficulties. This type of support aims to support staff member manage (in some cases come to terms with) the difficulties they experience.

Below are some of the area provide counselling support for:

  • Managing Stress-related difficulties
  • Adjusting to Health-related challenges
  • Changes in personal circumstance
  • Bereavement and loss

Support Packages for Schools

We know that each setting have their own specific demands placed upon them. We provide packages of support that work with the needs and expectations of your setting. Benefits of packaged support:

  • Develop relationships that facilitates effective and efficient support
  • Flexible appointments with the time allocated to you
  • Regular and responsive support
  • Proactive, rather that reactive to challenges that occur

If you have any questions or interesting in how we can support your setting, please call on 0121 405 7072 or complete the contact form below.